AES Solar is an industry leader providing first class solutions since 1979

     AES Solar provide Solar Thermal and Solar PV systems for either hot water or electricity generation, we provide a range from domestic to commercial scale. As the longest running solar thermal manufacturer in the UK, you can have confidence in us. We have extensive experience in system design, manufacture, installation, commissioning and servicing of solar systems.  Based in Moray, Scotland we operate all over the UK and internationally.

In Operation Since


Energy Produced / Year

Over 6M kWh

CO2 Saved / Year

3,000+ Tonnes

    Solar energy is more accessible and affordable than ever before. With prices for PV dropping down by 75% since 2009 and efficiency rising by 50%, it is clear why everyone is installing solar panels. Established in 1979 we have years of experience in solar technologies and installations. As we are verified manufacturers and installers, you can take advantage of the government’s Feed-In-Tariffs and Renewable Heat Incentives when choosing our goods or services. They will pay you for each kilowatt you generate for yourself using solar panels.

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Curb Carbon Emissions

Solar energy systems help to curb carbon emissions from your home in a big way, an average 4kWp system will save between 1,500-2,000kgs of CO2 per year! (Energy Saving Trust)

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Solar Energy Potential

Every hour enough sun blasts the earth to power humanity for a year!

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Solar Progression

Solar could be the worlds’ biggest energy source of electricity by 2050!

Go Green

Green Responsibility

Individuals and groups have become acutely aware of the need for change when it comes to how we treat our planet, reducing humanities environmental impact is a responsibility for all.

Available Technologies

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Solar PV


Solar electric systems capture the sun’s energy using photovoltaic (PV) cells. This electricity is used in the same way as conventional electricity to power your home.

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Solar Thermal

Our thermal collectors absorb the sun’s energy and use it to heat up water which is available to use in your home for any domestic needs.

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Common Myths About Solar

We want to bust several myths that surround solar systems in the UK that just couldn’t be further from the truth. Solar panels for instance do not need a warm climate or direct sunshine to work, they still provide electricity or hot water on overcast days and perform better when they are at lower temperatures.

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