Solar solutions for Architects

At AES Solar we know architects want to develop attractive buildings. Solar architecture is becoming mainstream as solar energy continues to demonstrate numerous environmental and economic benefits. We want to work with you as part of the process. Solar energy is not anything new, many houses have solar and putting a few standard panels on a roof is no longer enough. Better solar systems are sleeker and suited to a well-designed building.

AES Solar offer a variety of design elements to help minimise the visual impact of solar energy technologies. We encourage systems which are appropriate, to the architecture and the needs of the house.

We are happy to consult on architectural projects on how solar may be integrated into your design. Green architects with an eye for solar also need to think of things like how to maximize exposure to the sun, how best to design a structure that comfortably distributes heat, and how to do it all without sacrificing any of the aesthetics that are so important to design.

We hope this leaves you wondering what the future of solar architecture has in store.

A range of solar solutions

At AES Solar we understand solar, it is our entire focus, we offer customer tailored designs, a commitment to excellence and a local service. We can provide you with;

  • Solar for electricity, hot water or a combination of both
  • Versatile mounting options for on roof, roof integrated, ground mounted and bespoke frames. Our choices are suitable for flat, metal, tile or slate roofs.
  • Roof integration options allow for seamless visuals.
  • Bespoke collector designs allow integration in non-conventional ways.
  • Modern solar technologies designed to offer maximum aesthetic appeal, such as solar tiles
  • Panels which fit in architecturally with the total building concept in harmony with the lines and pattern of the design.
  • The PV system can be finely integrated with the other construction technology
  • Battery storage technology, we’ve recently undergone specialist training in battery storage and are Tesla Energy certified installers
  • British design, manufacture, installation and service

We have been manufacturing solar thermal systems since 1979 and are the longest running solar thermal manufacturer in Western Europe. We install both solar thermal products and solar photovoltaic (PV) products throughout the UK. Our in-house design teams will make sure that you only fit the best products most suited to your needs.

Solar panels can have a dual function, for example as a generator of electricity and as protection against the sun or covering for a facade.

Solar panels increase the overall energy performance ratings of a building adding to the final scoring of EPCs and SAP reports.

Using solar panels as a building material should be innovative in a way that does justice to their high-tech image.

Of all the energy technologies, the solar panel is the most suitable for integration into the built environment. It saves introducing a separate load-bearing construction and it saves space.

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