Busting Solar Myths

MYTH Cloudy, foggy and otherwise overcast weather stops solar from working

Solar panels use ambient UV light to generate electricity. This only requires daylight, not direct sunlight. Actually solar panels are more efficient at lower temperatures. Take a look at Germany, solar energy capital of the world, with very similar weather conditions to the UK.

MYTH Solar systems are an eyesore

Not anymore! Solar is in! With the growing awareness of how smart renewable energy is from both environmental and economic perspectives solar power is regarded as an enhancement not an eyesore. Modern panels look very nice, sleek black panels or different solar tile types can be fitted seamlessly with all roofs.

MYTH You need a South facing roof

A due South facing panel will have the best efficiency, that much is true, yet it is not required in the slightest. An East or West facing system is still viable with generally a 20% drop in efficiency. Our systems can be designed to maximise efficiency within the boundaries of your home. We also design and build frames to mount systems on the ground or flat roofs.

MYTH Renewable energies are too expensive

Solar power is actually very affordable, your typical home systems will come in between £5,000 and £8,000 for a 4kW system. It is not just for environmentalists and rich people. Over time solar panels are more than likely to pay for themselves and leave you with a healthy return on investment.

MYTH It will damage the value of my home

The government paid incentives are paid for 20 years and you may want to move home during this period. The remaining feed in tariff payments could be sold with the value of your home. Alternatively you can retain the rights to claim the panel feed-in-tariffs and still sell your home. Systems do not cause any damage to your roof or home when installed correctly.

MYTH It is unreliable and requires a lot of maintenance

Solar panels are very low maintenance, which is why they are used in a number of emergency technologies such as aircraft warning lights, navigational buoys and rail-road crossings. On the international space station and numerous satellites they use solar. Solar PV systems do not require regular maintenance, just ensure that they are free from anything that would obstruct light from getting to the panel. It is recommended that you hose down the panels about once a year.

MYTH I should wait until the market settles and technology advances

Solar panel technology is not advancing very quickly, the efficiency of panels is not like the power of a computer that seems to double every 18 months. Solar has been in development for hundreds of years and has stabilised already. Plus if you wait too long there is a chance that the government might reduce the payments you can receive for installing solar systems which at the moment are guaranteed for 20 years.

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