How would you like to reduce your energy bills?

Whatever your business does, you’re probably trying to reduce your operating costs.

Renewable energy from solar panels allows you to make long-term savings on your energy bills.

Electricity, gas and oil get more and more expensive every year. Energy from solar panels is free, and you can even sell what you don’t use back to the National Grid.

Generating your own power reduces your dependence on energy companies and their increasing prices. Solar panels let you generate electricity (solar PV), or heat (solar thermal) and you can have either or both, depending on your needs.

Corporate social responsibility

Your customers will appreciate your efforts to be a responsible user of sustainable energy. Solar panels are cheaper than you think and will help you acquire customers who feel strongly about pollution, and meet supply chain requirements.

Future-proof your business

Solar panels are a long-term investment. Maintenance costs are low. Lowering your energy bills now will save you money, and they’ll still be doing that in 20 years and beyond when mainstream energy bills will be at an all-time high. The energy you generate will cost nothing, and new technologies, such as battery storage mean you will be able to make smarter use of the power you receive from the sun.

Investment now will mean that you are making long-term cost-cutting decisions that will give your business an increased competitive advantage.

Do you need PV or Thermal?

Craigdon Mountain Sports were shortlisted for a national renewable energy award for their solar installation.

Solar panels generate electricity (PV or photovoltaic) or heat (solar thermal) and you can have either or both. We can advise on the best solar panels for your business, and survey your property free of charge. Just call us 01309 676911.

Business as usual

Fitting solar panels isn’t disruptive to your business. We work around you to make sure you keep trading as normal. Solar panel only take a day or two to fit, and once installed, you can start saving money from day one.

Money back with the Feed-in Tariff

The Government Feed-in Tariff scheme exists to encourage people to install renewable energy. The scheme pays a fixed unit price for every unit of electricity you export to the National Grid. We would be pleased to provide you with details of cost savings.

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