Solar for Home Builders

Solar panels rank highest in desirable technology, with homeowners willing to pay more saying they would pay on average £2,000 more for a property equipped with them. -Nov 2015 (Source: Barclays)


Living in a solar home costs less than comparable homes without solar. During new home construction is the best time for homebuyers to add solar.

During new home building you can benefit from;

  • Volume pricing
  • Construction efficiency, no need to remove and replace roof coverings
  • Home buyers can apply any costs into the mortgage

Whether offering solar systems as a standard feature or an optional upgrade, we will work with you to build homes that save money and make energy.


Selecting the best equipment to ensure quality and value, whilst clearly communicating the benefits of solar to customers is what AES Solar does. We can speed up the decision making process and know what is importing in designing a system. We will ensure;

  • Appropriate Technology; A standard system does not always suit, sometimes the latest technology is not necessarily the best. Modules and inverters have different levels of performance and expected lifespan. Certain systems ensure long term flexibility, such as the ability increasing system size to meet future needs.
  • Optimum Savings; The main value in solar is the saving on imported electricity or fuel. Research has found that solar PV add to the price of a home because of the energy savings which can be made.
  • Top Quality; Lots of products are available in the solar market coming from all over the world. It is important to know the reliability of a product before it is installed. Warranties vary and businesses go bust, we have the knowledge to steer you on the correct path.


The closer we can work together to encourage the uptake of solar on new homes the better it will be for all involved. We’d like to work together and offer consultations and collaborative marketing. Our experts are free to speak directly to homebuyers about the benefits of solar in new home construction. With flexible marketing we look to outline the value of solar and work with you on joint campaigns.


Though studies regarding selling time have not been as extensive as those regarding price, there is evidence indicating that homes with PV spend less time on the market than those without. (Source: National renewable energy laboratory)


Our team will handle every part of your solar project from start to finish, including design, supply, installation and commissioning of either solar PV, solar thermal or both.

A growing number of homebuilders are integrating solar energies into new homes to attract customers and increase their bottom line. As consumers increasingly choose solar to meet their energy needs, builders need to solve these challenges to remain competitive.

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