Solar panels save you money and reduce your reliance on energy companies

aes-homeownerAre your energy bills getting higher?

It’s a fact of life that electricity, gas and oil gets more and more expensive every year.

Imagine being able to generate your own power, reducing your dependence on energy companies and their increasing prices. Solar panels allow you to produce either electricity (solar PV), or heat (solar thermal) and you can have either or both, depending on your needs.

Solar panels are cheaper than you think and with the added bonus of a Government Feed-in Tariff incentive you will earn back to potentially earn back more than you originally invested.

In fact, fitting solar panels is also one of the only home improvement measures that will actually pay for itself!

Future-proof your home

The sun will always shine and solar panels are a long-term investment that reduces your future bills and adds value to your home. The energy you generate will cost nothing, and new technologies, such as battery storage mean you will be able to make smarter use of the power you receive from the sun.

It’s pollution-free

Solar power generated in your own home does not harm the planet. It’s totally clean and as long as there is daylight, you will generate power and heat from a natural resource.

Do you need PV or Thermal?

A combined installation of solar PV and thermal panels in Forres, Moray.

Solar panels generate electricity (PV or photovoltaic) or heat (solar thermal) and you can have either or both. We can advise on the best solar panels for your home and lifestyle, free of charge, just call us 01309 676911.

It’s not disruptive either. It usually only takes a day to fit solar PV, and two days to fit thermal, and once installed, you can start earning money from day one.

Money back with the Feed-in Tariff

The Government Feed-in Tariff scheme exists to encourage people to install renewable energy. The scheme pays a fixed unit price for every unit of electricity you export to the National Grid. Over the lifetime of the scheme you could earn £10,000 (based on an average domestic installation).

There are also interest-free loans available. Ask us for details.

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