“We’re among the lightest and thinnest glass covered collectors, with a very versatile and unique fixing system for in-roof and on-roof with excellent aesthetics due to thinness, design and colouring.” – Grant MEng, AMIMechE Research and Design Engineer at AES


Gorgeous Design

Our kit is gorgeous; nice colouring, thin, light and smart design put us a step above the rest.


Easy to Install

Versatile and unique fixing system for in-roof and on-roof systems incorporating AES’ tried and trusted captive nut fixing method. Our kits are remarkably easy to install!

Light and Thin

With intelligent design we have been able to make one of, if not the, lightest and thinnest solar thermal collectors on the market.

A Top Quality Product

We’ve been designing, manufacturing, delivering and installing systems since 1979. We are the original solar thermal system company, first in the UK.

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Double AR Glass

AES Solar collectors use double-sided anti-reflective glass giving key performance benefits.



All our new system kits come with a standard 10 year warranty and are built to last in excess of 25 years..

Environmentally Sound

Our insulation has Zero Ozone Depletion, our glass is low waste and has a minimal environmental impact, and our frames are made from aluminium – the green metal.

A Brand New Product

We source the best raw materials to deliver the highest quality finished product. AES Supremacy is a new design, accredited and tested in 2014.

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Low Weight Collectors

One of the thinnest (maybe THE thinnest!) flat plate collector on the market due to thin glass, thin insulation and intelligent box design makes it aesthetically pleasing, more cost effective to transport and easier to handle on the roof.


High Efficiency

Excellent efficiency collector, designed to be the perfect blend between efficiency and aesthetics.


In-Roof Mounting

Roof integration system for in-roof mounting – dark coloured to blend in with most roof coverings, kits to suit slate, tile and profile tiles.

Plans and Pricing

Bespoke Designs

Since we have in-house designers, engineers and manufacturers if you need a system to be modified or even built from the ground up, we can tailor bespoke designs to your needs.

Smart Construction

The latest in high strength, heat resistant bonding technologies are employed that maximise strength, rigidity, water tightness and lifespan and minimise manufacture time and cost.

Proven Over Time

Established 1979 AES was the first manufacturer in the solar thermal market in the United Kingdom and spanning across the decades we have improved and adapted our systems to maximise their potential.

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