AES Supremacy

The AES Supremacy flat plate solar thermal collector combines over 3 decades of solar design and manufacturing experience with state of the art technology and a modern, professional approach to technical and visual design. Optimising energy yield and consideration of aesthetics are equally important to many home owners and specifiers and the AES Supremacy satisfies both impeccably. Both new and proven mounting solutions mean installation is quick and easy for the installer and causes minimal disruption to the home owner. The AES Supremacy is Solar Keymark certified and tested to the ISO EN 9806 global standard for solar thermal collectors, meaning you can be assured it satisfies the highest standards of construction quality – backed up by a 10 year warranty. Solar Keymark certification also means that the collector qualifies for Government incentives including the UK domestic and non-domestic RHI schemes.


A high efficiency collector with anti-reflective technology boasting a 95.5% solar transmission level.


Tested to international engineering standard EN ISO 9806 for durability and performance.


Only 70mm thick! Roof integrated options for tile and slate, seamless colour.



Portrait or landscape, range of sizes and fixing for almost any roof type, can be ground or wall mounted with a ballast option for flat roofs.

Full Technical Specifications – Supremacy


1.5 AR1.9 AR2.5 AR
Gross Area1.5m²1.9m²2.5m²
Aperture Area1.38m²1.76m²2.31m²
AbsorberAluminium Fins metallurgically bonded to rhombic copper waterways providing large water to wall contact for maximum heat transfer. Sputter coated selective surface: solar absorption = 96%±2, thermal emission = 7%±2.
GlazingLow iron solar glass. 3.2mm thick. Double sided anti reflective surface. Matt/matt textured surface. Tempered according to EN 12150. Solar transmission 95.5%
FrameCustom designed aluminium extrusion with all round fixing channels and sliding nuts for easy fitting. Coloured RAL 7012 dark grey.
InsulationRigid PIR foam, manufactured with zero ODP. Class O fire rating. Thermal conductivity 0.021W/mK
Flow & Return ConnectionsFlow = 15mm copper pipe. Return = AES connection kit including external sensor pocket required – connection is to 15mm copper compression fitting.
Fluid Content0.86L1.03L*1.29L
Recommended Flow Rate0.25 – 1 L/min/m²
Transfer FluidPremixed solar antifreeze with inhibitors.

(100% Tyfocor antifreeze mixture recommended)

Max. Working Pressure10 bar (tested to 15 bar)
Zero loss Efficiency, η0.7880.785*0.781
Heat loss coefficienta1=  5.028,  a2= 0.009a1=  4.621*,  a2=  0.014*a1=  4.021,  a2= 0.022
Peak Power Output

(at irradiance of 1000W/m²)

Tilt angle range20° – 90°
Stagnation Temperature170.1°C
Maximum snow loading≤2.4kN/m²
Maximum wind loading≤1.2kN/m²
TestingISO EN 9806 by CENER, Spain. Solar Keymark certification by DIN CERTO, Germany.
CertificationSolar Keymark  – registration number: 011-7S2383 F
Life expectancyIn excess of 25 years
Warranty10 Years
ApplicationsSmall to large domestic hot water systems, industrial process and swimming pool heating.

AES Endurance

Utilising a high efficiency, selectively coated aluminium absorber plate that is metallurgically bonded to a rhombic copper waterway, the solar collector fins provide superior heat absorption and conductivity, as well as long-term durability.

This absorber is combined with a light-weight, twin-walled glazing that possesses excellent optical properties while creating an outer thermal insulation layer, ensuring that solar energy is retained within the panel for water heating.

Full Technical Specifications – Endurance


Absorber PlateAluminium fins metallurgically bonded to rhombic shaped copper water ways providing large water to wall contact for maximum heat transfer
Sputter coated selective surfaceSolar Absorption= 96% + 2, Thermal Emission = 7% – 2
GlazingHigh quality, twin wall polycarbonate. Light weight, long term weather resistance and outstanding thermal insulation properties. Solar transmission = 85%
BackingMelinex film, ensuring the collectors are completely waterproof to increase lifespan
Collector BoxAluminium box section with all round fixing channels for easy fitting. A sensor pocket is fitted at the appropriate location
InsulationRigid PIR foam, manufactured with zero ODP
Connections15mm copper
Fluid Content0.6 litre per 1 square metre of collector area
Flow Rate0.5 litre per square metre of collector area per minute
Transfer Fluid100% Tyfocor antifreeze mixture (recommended)
Test Pressure15 Bar
Maximum Working Pressure10 Bar
Pressure Drop10 kPa at flow rate of 0.03 litres per second, per 1 square metre of collector area
Fixing Methods(1) Retrofit on top of roof cover (2) Flat roof mounted with A-frames and/or ballast or roof fixing
Zero Loss Efficiency0.633
Heat Loss Coefficient2.907 W/m2K
Tested BySubject to rigorous testing by University College Cardiff, TNO The Netherlands, National University of Singapore. Have achieved EU efficiency standard EN12975 by ITW
Life ExpectancyIn excess of 25 years. Solar systems installed in 1984 are still working efficiently
ApplicationsSmall to large domestic hot water systems, industrial process and swimming pool heating
Guarantee5 years

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