On the Road to a Renewable Future

On the Road to a Renewable Future

We are delighted to share the latest addition to the family – our new wheels, a Tesla Model 3! The Model 3 is a fully electric car designed for electric-powered performance, with quick acceleration, long range and fast charging.

The Tesla can be charged at the office with our new zappi chargers or at public EV charger stations on the road, offering an impressive range for our staff out on-site visits or surveying.

Staff can use the car for work-related travel, avoiding the usual wear and tear of travelling in their personal vehicles.

We booked the Tesla in with Signed Graphics in Forres who we have used multiple times over the years for our signage and vehicle livery. They did a great job applying our branding, as well as our Tesla Powerwall Certified Installer logo and our Queen’s Award for Enterprise emblem contrasted against the cool white of the Tesla. We are delighted with the results and we hope you agree!

The Tesla comes with all the benefits of electric cars and allows AES Solar to practice what we preach:

AES Solar on the road with a blank Tesla Model 3 ready to be branded
The blank canvas in all its glory
1. Better for the Environment

Electric cars are better, cleaner and kinder to the environment than their fossil fuel counterparts. This is because they are typically powered with a lithium-ion battery charged by electricity, rather than a combustion engine running on petrol or diesel.

Although the production of an electric vehicle can be more carbon-intensive than that of a combustion engine, lifetime emissions are around 70% less. With no tailpipe, pure electric cars produce no carbon dioxide emissions when driving. This reduces air pollution considerably. A huge benefit to the environment and air quality!

Even better – if you change your electric car at home, and your home runs on renewable energy, then your carbon footprint shrinks dramatically. We went for the zappi charger from myenergi that integrates well with the solar PV panels on our roof.

2. Get Ahead of the Ban

The Scottish Government’s ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel cars is set for 2030. Even long-range plug-in hybrid models are set to be gone from the market by 2035.

By making the switch to an EV now you have the benefit of a smooth adjustment period to figure out the eco-friendly driving alternative.

3. Cheaper running costs

EV servicing, maintenance, parking fees and charging all work out cheaper than the petrol/diesel equivalent!

Service and Maintenance

A regular car can contain hundreds of working parts. This means a lot can go wrong with parts that need replacing over time. An electric car, in comparison, has a lot less to wear out, so maintenance costs can be as much as 50% less.


Depending on how you charge (i.e. the speed, tariff), price rates can vary, though this won’t lead to a premium on EV charging! The cost savings will be most significant if you can charge at home and have access to an off-peak overnight electricity tariff. It’s also better for the environment to charge overnight – on average you can save up to 26% on carbon dioxide emissions per charge.


Free parking for EVs is even available in some towns and cities.

AES Solar on the road with a Tesla Model 3 charging at the head office in Forres
4. Better to Drive

When it comes to the driving experience, electric vehicles outperform their petrol and diesel siblings by a mile. With faster acceleration, less noise and better handling.

By law, EVs must come equipped with an Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System (AVAS) to warn pedestrians of their presence. This means an EV will produce an artificial ‘car noise’ when travelling at slower speeds to aid pedestrian safety. Other than that, electric cars are silent enabling you to enjoy the driving experience and your surroundings.

5. Expanding Charging Network

Not too long ago, EV owners had to worry about running out of charge when away from home. Today, it’s now a case of picking your favourite location from which to charge. With over 40,000 electric charging points in the UK, the electric network grows bigger everyday. There’s still room for improvement of course, especially in Scotland, but this means that things can only get better form here! The best thing about EV charging? You can charge from the comfort of your home.

AES Solar on the road with a zappi electric vehicle charger
6. Electric cars are futureproof

As electric cars become more widely adopted, so will the surrounding infrastructure around them. The UK now has more electric vehicle charging stations than petrol stations, a sign of the increasing popularity of EVs. This looks set to continue in the coming years. More and more public electric vehicle charging stations are installed every week around the country.

AES Solar on the road with a Tesla Model 3
Go Green with an Electric Vehicle

Electric vehicles are an increasingly attractive option, due to their lower running costs, the expanding choice of models available and intensifying concerns about air quality and climate change.

If you’re living in Scotland and want advice on electric vehicles and funding that may be available to you, you can get in touch with Home Energy Scotland.