Have a Ghoulish, Gleeful and Green Halloween in 2023!

Have a Ghoulish, Gleeful and Green Halloween in 2023!

Halloween, with its plastic decorations, one-time-use costumes and influx of discarded sweet wrappers has become a rather plastic-filled celebration! However, things weren’t always this way. So this year why don’t you transform this eco-nightmare into a Green Halloween in 2023? After all, the effects of climate change are scary enough without dressing them up in a spooky mask!

Sustainability doesn’t have to mean cancelling Halloween. It’s about making small, impactful changes. So read on to discover how to conjure up a sustainable celebration that will leave no trace of environmental ghouls. You can still have a thrilling and sustainable Halloween in 2023. Here are some tips to get you started:

Eco-friendly Costumes

Begin your sustainable Halloween journey in your own wardrobe. After all, the most eco-friendly clothing is the clothing you already own! Repurpose stained t-shirts or ripped tights to create unique costumes. You can also host a costume exchange with friends. This works well if you have children who’ve outgrown their old costumes. Thrift stores and online second-hand sellers are treasure troves for second-hand costume options. Another alternative is renting a costume that can be returned and reused. If all else fails, the classic white sheet makes for an iconic ghost costume!

Did you know, 7 million Halloween costumes go to landfill each year in the UK? (Hubbub)

Spooky Decor, the Sustainable Way

Eco-conscious decorating doesn’t mean giving up your Halloween spirit. Start by reusing decorations you already have or investing in reusable ones. To create a spooky and sustainable atmosphere, try foraging for Autumn leaves, conkers, and acorns. Paired with glass jars and Christmas fairy lights, you can craft an Instagram-worthy Scandi vibe, all without harming the planet. Plus, this doubles as a fun autumnal treasure scavenger hunt for kids!

If you’re looking for DIY projects, there’s no shortage of online ideas for Halloween crafts to keep the little goblins entertained during the October holidays.

Trick or Treat?

When stocking up for trick-or-treaters (or guisers, as they’re known in Scotland), choose treats packaged in paper or foil rather than plastic. In a positive development, Quality Street have transitioned from shiny plastic packaging to paper-based, recyclable wrapping. So, indulge in those sweets guilt-free. An additional consideration for your treat bowl is Fair Trade chocolate to help support sustainable farming methods and improve the living conditions of cacao farmers. 

Consider offering fruit treats with a spooky twist, such as decorated tangerines, banana ghosts, or “poisoned apples.” A fun and healthy alternative that might just encourage kids to enjoy fruit.

(g)Host Responsibly for a Green Halloween in 2023

If you’re hosting a Halloween party, steer clear of disposable plates and cutlery. Yes, it means more cleanup afterwards, but you’ll rest easy knowing you’ve done your part for the planet. For themed items, opt for reusables like table covers and napkins.

For close friends and family, preparing your own goodies also adds a personal touch. Bake seasonal treats like candied apples and organic baked goods. Your guests will appreciate the effort and thoughtfulness.

Maximising Your Pumpkin

When it comes to pumpkins, look for local options, such as those available at nearby farmer’s markets or pumpkin patches. This reduces the carbon footprint associated with transportation. In 2024, consider growing your own for an even more sustainable option.

Don’t waste your pumpkin’s insides! Utilise them for delicious soup, stews and curries. You can even bake a pumpkin pie, inspired by our American friends across the pond. The seeds can be roasted and seasoned for a tasty snack. Top tip: To save on energy, try air frying the pumpkin seeds.

When November arrives, remember to compost the pumpkin remains in your food waste bin or compost heap.

Leaving your pumpkin out for wildlife is a topic of debate, but it’s generally best to avoid it, as pumpkins can be harmful to some animals like hedgehogs.

Trick-or-Treating Responsibly

If you’re taking the kids guising opt for local neighbourhoods within walking, biking, or scooting distance. Encourage eco-friendly transportation rather than driving to a different location in the car.

Say no to purchasing plastic pumpkin buckets (though feel free to reuse them if you already own a couple) and instead use reusable bags or pillowcases, which offer more room for sweet treats anyway!

Re-boo-able Energy?

For a lasting commitment to sustainability, consider investing in renewable energy. By adopting solar plus battery storage solutions, you can power next year’s Halloween party with clean, renewable energy. A sustainable and green Halloween in 2023 is just the beginning of your eco-conscious journey.

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Have a Spooktacular and Green Halloween in 2023! Let’s celebrate without scaring the environment and show that it’s possible to enjoy the festivities while being eco-conscious.