Craigdon Mountain Sports: 30kWp Solar PV System

Craigdon Mountain Sports

Craigdon Mountain Sports Retail Facility located at Fairmilehead, Edinburgh, is a three story building encompassing retail, office and restaurant space. The client sourced their own photovoltaic panels, but called upon AES to supply the remaining parts, complete the full install and commission the system.

A complex design this was the sort of challenge that AES relishes. Utilising energy from solar power will result in reduced consumption of fuels, thus reducing greenhouse gas emissions and pollution.

This installation at the Pentland Outdoor Centre was nominated for the Sustainable Scotland Award in The Green Energy Awards, showing the key role solar can play in meeting energy performance requirements in commercial new builds. Using close to 100% of self-generated energy, this demonstrates the potential for solar on commercial rooftops and the contribution it can make in reducing both running costs and carbon emissions.

Technical Overview

Client Craigdon Mountain Sports
Array Size 30 kWp
Performance 27 ,810 kWh
CO2 Savings 12, 382 kg/yr
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