Forres Swimming Pool: Pool Heating Solutions

Forres Swimming Pool

AES Solar has worked with numerous businesses to provide systems, guidance and installation for heating swimming pools. A swimming pool is the perfect application for a solar thermal system as all the heat created can be stored in the pool itself. Solar thermal collectors can operate very efficiently when heating a pool.

You can save significantly with solar thermal heating, with the reduction in the large costs associated with swimming pool heating, particularly if you are currently using oil heating.

By installing solar you show an awareness of environmental issues and a level of corporate and social responsibility that is recognized domestically and internationally.

We will take into account the size of your swimming pool and available space for solar heating and can provide a detailed explanation of the system, costs involved and savings to be made.

Technical Overview

Client Forres Swimming Pool
Array Size 79.2 m2
Performance 24, 831 kWh /yr
CO2 Savings 6, 207 kg / yr
AES Solar offers extensive experience with solar systems for both domestic and business clients.
Established in 1979, let us power you up!

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