Domestic Solar Thermal: Design and installation

Lochside House

AES Solar contributed to the award winning 2018 House of the Year announced on Channel 4’s Grand Designs. Lochside House, situated on the West Coast of Scotland, involved the collaboration between AES Solar as the install team alongside architects Haysom Ward Miller.

The completely off-grid location of the property required extra consideration and AES Solar teamed up with Viridian Solar to utilise their beautifully integrated Clearline products.

The solution offered 5 500W PV modules and 2 solar thermal collectors, which integrated seamlessly into the charred larch cladding and the rest of the house’s complex technical systems. The off-grid location of the property also resulted in several access challenges however the AES Solar team were more than up to the task.

The solar system was designed to be completely self-sufficient in the summer months, with all energy generated, stored and managed on site designed with careful consideration and bespoke design. All these additional challenges required extra consideration however we have a team of highly qualified and experienced staff who relish these challenging yet prestigious projects.

Technical Overview

Client: Haysom Ward Miller
Array Size 6m2
Performance 2,988 kWh/yr
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