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Considering patching petrol or ditching diesel? Whether you are looking to swap to a hybrid or full electric vehicle 95% of all charging will happen at home, making an EV charger a must-have.

Why go EV?

With over 100 models to choose from, Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular due to their environmental and economic benefits, saving your pennies and the planet. In addition, governments are increasingly focussed on moving to electric transport. Scotland plans to eradicate petrol and diesel cars by 2032, and the UK government is offering grants to make owning an EV more affordable than ever.

Why choose AES?

Coupled with our unrivalled experience in solar power, we can create the most efficient EV charging solution possible.

EV Solar Options

While more economical than petrol or diesel options, charging an EV will increase demand on your electricity supply. However, with the option of adding an AES Solar system you can charge during the day at no additional cost, while battery storage such as Tesla Powerwall allows you to store energy during the day and charge your EV overnight.

Already have solar?

No problem! As certified installers our expert team can install your EV charger and connect it to your existing system in no time, with the option to add battery storage for overnight power should you wish to do so.

Where does my charger go?

Charging points can be mounted on a range of materials including garage walls (inside or outside) and dedicated posts. They come ready with either a permanent tethered lead or a universal socket suitable for portable charging cables.

How much does it cost to charge?

Specific costs will depend on your EV battery size, but your EV charging point operates like any other domestic socket, drawing power from the national grid which your energy supplier will charge you for as normal. This is where solar power and battery storage solutions can significantly reduce your energy bills – letting you go much further for far less.

Why not just use mains sockets?

While they draw power from the same place and both work at UK mains voltage (230V), dedicated home charging points are both faster and safer than domestic power sockets. Standard power sockets should only be used as a back-up power source in emergency situations.

Please note: Tesla Powerwall is a power storage solution capable of powering buildings, appliances and electric vehicles, and is not restricted to use with Tesla electric vehicles. Find out more on our Tesla Powerwall product page.

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