Realise your potential power

Discover how switching to renewable solar energy can empower you to do more good than you ever imagined possible.

The way in which we buy and use our energy is changing. Not only are more people waking up to the benefits of clean sustainably generated energy, but these methods are becoming cheaper than traditional coal and gas.

Every year we become less reliant on fossil fuels and big energy companies, as we turn to sustainable energy from renewable sources…
…even generated by individuals like you!

You can power a Smart Grid future!

With the changing seasons, weather, and even time of day, renewable energy sources such as solar are not available 100% of the time. But what if we could store all the extra energy from daylight hours for use during evenings and winter months when we need it most?

Well, we can. And that’s where you come in.

By owning a solar system, battery storage or even an electric vehicle, you can do much more than live a cleaner lifestyle. Below are just some of the ways you can have a far wider positive impact, as well as enjoy personal benefits, by moving to solar:

Energy sharing:

Share your surplus energy with your neighbours, reducing your local community’s reliance on fossil fuels.

Grid Services:

With battery storage you can generate additional income by offering energy when the national grid is in a time of need. There are also options to sell your excess energy directly back to the grid if you don’t wish to save it in battery storage.

Smarter Homes:

Some technologies don’t just help you generate and store energy, but monitor and communicate with your smart devices and appliances to optimise your home’s energy usage.

Smart Energy Tariffs:

More and more energy companies are offering special rate Smart Energy Tariffs – allowing your solar, storage and EVs to save you even more money.

Vehicle to Grid (V2G):

Thinking of getting an electric vehicle (EV)? It’s not just one-way traffic anymore. Modern EV’s can now act as a battery bank, returning their stored energy to help power your home.

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