North of Scotland shines for Moray ‘super-solar’ site

North of Scotland shines for Moray ‘super-solar’ site

A massive solar project in Moray which could provide enough electricity to power the whole of Elgin demonstrates the north of Scotland as a prime location for this type of renewable energy solution.

The ambitious energy project will use around 200,000 solar PV panels and will provide enough electricity for 21,000 homes.

It is being planned by Elgin Energy at the former RAF airfield at Milltown.

George Goudsmit, managing director of AES Solar said: “We consistently emphasise the north of Scotland is no barrier to harnessing the power-generating capabilities of the sun.

“Having such a project on our doorstep and a development of this size only goes to show that Moray and the North is an ideal place to install solar.

“People are often of the opinion that you need lots of sunshine, but in fact what you need is good light which the long summer evenings lend themselves to.”