Get the most from your solar system

A major benefit of AES Solar systems is that they are an almost entirely “fit and forget” energy source. That said, any solar system or supporting technology will benefit from occasional servicing.

Our team can provide expert level maintenance that will ensure your renewable energy products are always operating at their optimal level. Below are some of the key features of our maintenance services:

Solar PV Maintenance
  • Examine the overall condition of the solar array for:
    • signs of debris or over-shadowing
    • damage to panels and mounting e.g. cracks, chips, corrosion
  • Examine all electrical components including:
    • the inverter, isolator, and meter conditions and IP ratings
    • the position, security, and connection of all wiring
  • Safety measures including:
    • testing of the residential current device (RCD)
    • checking appropriate miniature circuit breaker (MCB) is in place
    • checking internal DC connections are secure and in good condition
    • checking inverter is operating correctly
    • noting any event log occurrences
Solar Thermal Maintenance
  • Examine the overall condition of the solar collector for:
    • signs of debris or over-shadowing
    • damage to collector e.g. cracks, chips, corrosion
  • Examine the condition of the system housing including:
    • security of the roof fixings
    • roof covering is weatherproof and free from cracks
  • Safety measures including:
    • checking insulation firmly attached
    • ensuring no damp spots are apparent around the pipes and fixings
    • testing that electrical controls are operating correctly
    • checking all sensing devices are in place
  • Efficiency checks including:
    • flushing the system to ensure it is free from air
    • checking insulation firmly attached
    • ensuring circulating pump is operating without undue noise or vibration
    • measuring solar fluid volume and that operating pressure has not dropped
    • fully replacing heat transfer fluid at least every five years
EV Chargers Maintenance
  • Periodic system inspections including:
    • manufacturers’ maintenance requirements
    • testing wiring in accordance with latest regulations
    • checking overall system safety
    • testing residential current device (RCD) protection
Battery Storage Maintenance
  • Electrical component checks including:
    • inverter
    • charge controller
    • isolators
    • meter
    • wiring
  • Battery health check for:
    • fluid levels where appropriate
    • dust accumulation
    • contaminants
Will AES Solar maintain non-AES Solar systems?

Of course! We’d be happy to help, whatever your system. We can even repair and maintain systems installed by companies who have gone out of business; however, we can’t take on responsibility for the quality of the systems or assume ownerships of their warranties or guarantees.

How often is servicing recommended?

As a rule, periodic inspection should not exceed that recommended for any connected systems e.g. the AC electrical system or the hot water heating system.

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