Bringing the warmth of the sun indoors

Solar Thermal Panels

Solar Thermal panels are used to convert light from the sun into heat energy, which you can discover more about in our How Solar Works section. There are a wide variety of solar collectors available, each suited to different applications and temperatures.

At AES Solar, we manufacture our own flat plate solar thermal collectors, The AES Luminary, consisting of a metal ‘absorber’ housed in an insulated box with a transparent cover to allow sunlight to enter.

The AES Luminary Collector

Our team of expert engineers have designed a lightweight and highly-efficient flat collector; ideal for domestic hot water, commercial applications, and even heating swimming pools.

The ‘absorber’ has a highly receptive sputter coating, carefully formulated and applied to maximise the amount of solar energy absorbed and retained.

The housing is sealed with a custom low-iron glass cover that maximises light transmission, whilst specialised lightweight insulation retains heat effectively without requiring support for excessive weight.

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