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Off-Grid Systems

An off-grid system is one that is not connected to the national electricity grid and therefore requires battery storage to meet the property’s energy requirements; particularly throughout the dark depths of winter.

Who uses off-grid?

These systems are ideal for remote new build properties where a local grid connection would be financially or physically unfeasible. Due to the relatively high expense associated with batteries and inverters, off-grid systems won’t meet every budget. However, battery costs are reducing rapidly and there is a growing market for off-grid solar battery systems, even in cities and towns.

What are the off-grid options?

There are different types of off-grid systems, which we will be happy to explain in more depth to anyone interested in going off-grid.

One option is an AC coupled system in which solar power is sent straight to the property and appliances, with any excess power sent to the battery bank. Once full, the battery bank will stop receiving power from the solar system. Another option is a DC coupled system, in which power is first sent to the battery bank, then to your appliances.

What if there is no sun?

An important question, especially in places like the Scottish Highlands. When your solar system is not working, at night or on very cloudy days, your appliances will draw power from your battery banks. If batteries become low on charge, for example during extended dull winter weather, a backup power source such as a generator or gen-set can be required. This backup source should to be adequate to supply your house and charge the batteries at the same time.

Get an off-grid expert

AES Solar is well experienced in installing and maintaining off-grid systems. Our projects to date include everything from a remote Scottish island, a castle that hosted Mary Queen of Scots, and even Channel 4 Grand Design’s House of the Year. So, whether you own a remote retreat or some royal ruins, we have an off-grid solar system to suit.

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