Introducing Your SolarEdge System

SolarEdge Installers

As SolarEdge preferred installers, we use SolarEdge to provide a smarter solution for your PV system.

In a PV system, solar modules are connected in ‘strings’. In a traditional system, one underperforming module will reduce the efficiency of all the other modules in the same string, which can result in energy losses. With a SolarEdge system, each solar panel on your roof is connected to a SolarEdge Power Optimizer which transforms it into a smart module and enables each panel to perform at its maximum capability. If anything causes one of the panels to work at a lower output – such as bird droppings, shading from a chimney or uneven aging – only that individual panel will be affected and your system will be working to its full potential.

Each SolarEdge Power Optimizer comes with a 15-year warranty and the SolarEdge Inverter comes with a substantial 12-year warranty as standard, extendable up to an incredible 25 years. Protect your investment and enjoy peace of mind.

See Your Savings in Real Time

A SolarEdge system not only lowers your electricity bills, it is also designed to meet your evolving energy needs and to protect your investment. With the free* mySolarEdge app available on apple and android you can easily track your real-time system production and household energy consumption, anytime, anywhere. This keeps you in the driving seat of your energy usage and savings.

Other benefits include:

  • Connect to your SolarEdge system anytime, anywhere.
  • Control your smart home devices on-the-go.
  • Monitor your system’s health and communication status.

As your SolarEdge installer, we also get our own application – the SolarEdge Monitoring Platform – which provides remote monitoring and maintenance down to the level of each individual solar panel.

* Free for 25 years

Smart Energy Future.

A SolarEdge solution offers a variety of capabilities beyond just solar production. Your SolarEdge system will be system is future-proofed, supporting easy upgrades to solutions you may not need today but will do in the future. You can choose to integrate your system with optional battery storage, home automation, or EV charging features, and maximise your solar usage and savings even more.

So, you can maximise your self-consumption of free energy while reducing your dependency on the grid. With SolarEdge, home is where the smart is, and this can be achieved with AES Solar.

AES Solar and SolarEdge have helped domestic customers and companies of all sizes move to profitable and clean renewable energy. 
We’d be happy to shine some light on the best solar solutions for your business or home.
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