Get wall-to-wall power with battery storage

Battery storage for your home is a modern reality. Energy generated by solar panels can now be stored in a ‘rechargeable’ battery fixed to a wall in or outside your home, and then used when the sun isn’t shining.

Four key battery storage benefits:

  1. Store excess electricity rather than returning to the grid, increasing self-consumption and reducing your electricity costs.
  2. They can be charged overnight using off-peak tariffs reducing your use of peak rates during the day.
  3. Home batteries provide seamless backup power during blackouts – important when so many of us are currently working from home.
  4. Batteries reduce your carbon footprint by maximising your clean solar energy.

Ultimately, a battery storage system in an energy-efficient home could remove the need for grid power altogether. In fact, AES Solar has installed solar-plus-battery-solutions for off-grid homes in locations where there is no mains electricity supply at all.

With impartial advice and funding options available from Home Energy Scotland, energy independence is now a reality with battery storage.

Tesla Powerwall

AES Solar is a Tesla Powerwall Certified Installer, which means we offer an advanced solar-plus-battery solution that enables you to store the abundant free power of the sun to vastly reduce your reliance on fossil fuels – potentially to zero!

At AES Solar, we ensure installing a Tesla Powerwall is straight-forward and stress-free, whether it’s at the same time as your solar panels or as an add-on. We take care of everything from carrying out surveys, system design & quotation to installation and maintenance.


Invest in a greener and a more sustainable future with the sonnenBatterie. Maximise the potential of your solar panels by combining your current or new system with a battery. Combined you can reduce your monthly electricity bills and increase self-consumption up to 80%! With the leading full 10-year / 10,000 cycle warranty you will have an added peace of mind.

  1. Increase your self-consumption up to 80% with a sonnenBatterie
  2. Reduce your monthly electricity bills
  3. Leading full 10-year / 10,000 cycle warranty
  4. UK based technical support team
We’d be happy to shine some light on the best energy storage solutions for your business or your home.
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