Solar Thermal Maintenance

Get the most from your solar system

It is well known that solar thermal systems are low maintenance, especially when compared to other types of heating systems such as gas or oil. That said, any solar system or supporting technology will benefit from occasional servicing.

Our team can provide expert-level maintenance that will ensure your renewable energy products are always operating at their optimal level. Whether you are a long-time user seeking efficient upkeep or a new customer, our dedicated team is here to provide comprehensive maintenance services.

Below are some of the key features of our solar thermal maintenance services:

Solar Thermal Maintenance

1. Overall condition of the solar collector including:
  • Signs of debris or over-shadowing
  • Damage to collector e.g. cracks, chips, corrosion
2. Condition of the system housing including:
  • Security of the roof fixings
  • Roof covering is weatherproof and free from cracks
3. Safety measures including:
  • Checking insulation firmly attached
  • Ensuring no damp spots are apparent around the pipes and fixings
  • Testing that electrical controls are operating correctly
  • Checking all sensing devices are in place
4. Efficiency checks including:
  • Flushing the system to ensure it is free from air
  • Ensuring the circulating pump is operating without undue noise or vibration
  • Ensuring no damp spots are apparent around the pipes and fixings
  • Measuring solar fluid volume and that operating pressure has not dropped
  • Fully replacing heat transfer fluid at least every five years

How often is servicing recommended?

Solar thermal panels require very little maintenance over the system’s life span, however, there are a few things that will need periodical maintenance. You may want to visually inspect them from time to time simply to ensure they remain clean as anything covering the surface of the panel may reduce its efficiencies, such as leaves or dirt but rainwater and the angle of the panel will take care of most of the dirt.

We recommend you service your solar thermal system once a year to help ensure optimum efficiency levels. This will involve checking the pump fluid pressure as this may need topping up every few years and the replacement of the antifreeze fluid.

For impartial advice regarding maintenance, we recommend the Energy Saving Trust website.

Why AES Solar?

40+ Years of Excellence

Trust the experts with a proven track record. With over 40 years of experience, AES Solar has been a pioneer in the solar industry. Our seasoned professionals bring unparalleled expertise to every project, ensuring a seamless and efficient solar installation process. This longevity also means we’re not going anywhere so you can trust your solar thermal maintenance in our reliable hands.

Innovators from the start

As the first manufacturer of solar thermal panels in Western Europe, AES Solar holds a unique position at the forefront of solar technology innovation. When you choose us for your solar thermal maintenance, you tap into the knowledge and innovation that comes from being trailblazers in the solar energy sector.

A Testament to Excellence

At AES Solar, quality and craftsmanship are not just buzzwords; they are the cornerstones of our reputation. When it comes to maintenance, our technicians uphold the same dedication to quality, ensuring that your solar thermal systems receive the attention they deserve, with a focus on longevity and optimal performance.

Royal Stamp of Approval

When you choose us for your maintenance needs, you benefit from the same level of expertise that has earned us acclaim and trust from clients and industry experts alike, with a royal endorsement from her late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and Balmoral Castle Royal Estate.

The AES Luminary

At AES Solar, we manufacture our flat plate solar thermal collectors, The AES Luminary, ideal for domestic hot water, commercial applications, and even heating swimming pools. This makes us the solar thermal experts.

The ‘absorber’ has a highly receptive sputter coating, carefully formulated and applied to maximise the amount of solar energy absorbed and retained.

The housing is sealed with a custom low-iron glass cover that maximises light transmission, whilst specialised lightweight insulation retains heat effectively without requiring support for excessive weight.

Whether you’re interested in a solar thermal system for your home or business or want to ensure your existing system is fully optimised to maximise your savings, get in touch with the Scottish solar experts. Call us for free, personalised advice: 01309 676911