Handa Island: 2 x 250W Solar PV Panels and Battery System

Handa Island

Handa is a small Scottish Island on the north-west coast of Scotland, and despite being only 1.5 miles long the island acts as an important bird sanctuary housing the third largest guillemot colony in the UK. During the Summer months the island is occupied by rangers, therefore a small electricity supply was required to power the small bothy used as a base.

AES Solar upgraded the current small solar panel system, which was unable to meet the Summer demands, to a direct DC supply that could power the phone and radio chargers.

Two additional 250W panels were then installed alongside a battery storage system to store the excess energy generated when the bothy was being occupied. This resulted in a more efficient working and living environment for the staff and volunteers of Handa Island.

AES Solar prides itself on being able to design and install solar panels for any location, and Handa Island proved no different with AES Solar more than up to the logistical challenges.

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